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You Win Big When You Complete The Digital Journey

Digital competition is getting tougher and spends are increasing, yet agencies are concerned about delivering on KPIs and businesses are having hard time reach their goals.

This is where I jump in!

During last 7 years of my experience with UX Design, I learned that businesses and agencies can only succeed on digital media by ‘completing the digital journey’.

Your digital media campaigns have got top-of-the-notch content, creative and advertising strategy but there is an essential piece missing at the end of this process which is ‘Post Click Strategy’ and the ultimate digital success depends on that.

The Post-Click Matrix For Digital Growth & Winning

The Purpose Layer

Creating Awareness

A well-thought post click journey for brand awareness helps you get more insight about your consumer and also plays an important role in advocacy. This insight extracted from direct interaction with the consumer lets the brand understand exact needs and evolve accordingly.

Lead Generation

Services-based as well as certain product based businesses highly depend on leads. Imagine a post click journey which automatically generates leads for you. It is not easy for the consumer to give out their information which is where the lead generation strategy matters.

High Conversion

An ecommerce website alone cannot ensure a high conversion journey. There is a unique strategy required for every campaign where the post click experience is planned exactly according to the consumer and those exact products which are supposed to be sold.

The design Layer

Interface Eminence

User Interface design is the first step in post click journey and responsible for visual appeal and information flow. Strategical selection of typography, colors, spacing and purpose-oriented layout brings perfection and drives the user through information. Simplicity and consistency makes it even better.

Engagement Brilliance

Personalized experience and interactive element is essential for binding the consumers with your interface and to let them respond to the information being delivered. It is a whole process of enhancing consumer experience with the help of usability, accessibility and calls-to-action.

Performance Excellence

Consumers crave for speed and they want it every where. Surveys suggest that consumers highly dislike waiting for the information to load. Proper optimization of code, images, videos, servers and databases contributes a lot towards performance enhancement which offers a compelling, super-fast journey.

The function Layer

Cross-Device Compatibility

The consumer world is moving fast towards handheld devices so it is becoming more important than ever before to provide cross-device compatibility with the help of optimized discovery and highly dynamic advance platform features.

Full Stack Development

Constantly evolve your digital journey according to your consumer needs. Be it a website, portal, blog, forum, ecommerce site, mobile app or campaign based landing pages; it is highly essential that the post click experiences are developed instantly as per the needs.

Search Optimization

Search optimization is about attracting your consumers to post click journey through search engines. It is no longer enough to be on internet or being liked by the people. You must build experiences that help people search for you and let the trust build.

The insight Layer

Intelligence & Automation

Artificial intelligence based chatbots are available across all digital touch points which can enable 1-to-1 marketing. There are online tools which automate the whole remarketing process exactly according to needs of each individual consumer.

Behavior Tracking

Every time your consumers experience the post click journey, they explore something or buy something or leave somewhere. This is where behavior tracking as well as social listening is highly important for the completion of digital journey.

Analytics Integration

This layer gathers data from your consumer and the results of your post click journeys. As the information grows inside your analytics tools, you can use this invaluable insight to fuel every next digital marketing campaign.

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